Capital One Money Mindfulness

Capital One Money Mindfulness Strategy / App Development / UX Design / Content Creation Capital One partnered with Credit Canada and the Centre for Mindfulness studies to speak with consumers about financial wellness during Credit Education Week. We created an inviting indoor oasis where consumers could learn best practices to mindfulness and learn how this… Continue reading Capital One Money Mindfulness

Dyson V10 Launch Event

Dyson V10 Launch Event Strategy / App Development / Video Production The Cyclone V10, Dyson’s latest invention, came to market with the banner of “Cutting the Cord” as they boldly stepped into non-corded, high-power, long-lasting vacuum territory. They wanted to make a literal bang!, so we created the Dyson Innovation House in downtown Toronto; A museum… Continue reading Dyson V10 Launch Event

BMO Elevate

BMO Elevate Video Production / Strategy / App Development Every year, at the end of BMO’s Regional Director conference, managers from across the world come together to make a big move of corporate altruism in support of developing communities. For this year’s event in Toronto, we partnered with the Ontario Paralympic Network to celebrate the… Continue reading BMO Elevate

Volvo My Idea of Luxury

Volvo My Idea of Luxury Strategy / Development / UX Design / Content Creation With the release of the new XC90 and the unveiling of the XC70 during the Canadian Autoshow season, Volvo seeked to help current and future Volvo owners identify themselves with specific trims of their new models We created My Idea of… Continue reading Volvo My Idea of Luxury

KIA Canadian Autoshows

KIA Canadian Autoshows Strategy / Content Creation / UX Design / Experiential Kia wanted to dispell myths surrounding EV vehicles and combat “range anxiety” by promoting the extended range capability of their up and coming electric lineup.  We echoed this effort at the Canadian Autoshow circuit with tools that allowed people to calculate real-life commutes… Continue reading KIA Canadian Autoshows

Tim Hortons Coffee for Communities

Tim Hortons Coffee for Communities Strategy / Content Creation / Experiential This nationwide program was born to support Tim Hortons’ national marketing initiatives and grassroots communities from coast to coast. Twelve mobile units across Canada attend thousands of events a year to raise money for charity and provide relief to communities.  Now on its 6th… Continue reading Tim Hortons Coffee for Communities