Dyson V10 Launch Event

Dyson V10 Launch Event

Strategy / App Development / Video Production

The Cyclone V10, Dyson’s latest invention, came to market with the banner of “Cutting the Cord” as they boldly stepped into non-corded, high-power, long-lasting vacuum territory.

They wanted to make a literal bang!, so we created the Dyson Innovation House in downtown Toronto; A museum that stripped the new vacuum to its core components and featured interactive stations to illustrate the level of innovation that makes the V10 a wonder of engineering.

We put the V10 in people’s hands to put them to the test in real life messy scenarios.  Each guest could scan their invite for a chance to “cut the cord” and take home a new Dyson vacuum. The spectacle put on by participants helped us make thousands of real life impressions and wow the public with the help of science (and a little bit of theatrics).

Interactive “time of use” stations showed how a battery powered vacuum could outperform corded ones in varying house sizes with charge to spare.