Welcome InteraXon team,

Here’s a one minute video about me and why I think we’re a great match!


Hello InteraXon team, I’m Bruno and I’d love to collaborate with you.

Over the past decade I’ve worked with tier one brands and entrepreneurs as a designer and later as a Creative Director. 

My skill set is varied, and I’m lightning fast on most mainstream graphic design, 3D and motion graphics software. 

I have a strong background in Digital and Experiential Marketing working with marketing managers and teams of art directors, copy writers and developers to create real and meaningful brand experiences.

I’ve studied the subject of EEG bands thoroughly. I built a suite of applications to encourage meditation, mindfulness and sound financial habits using them. These tools were even picked up by Capital One for sponsorship events.

I have a huge passion for communication and helping organizations reach a broader audience, so much so that I’ve started my own independent agency called Transparence.

Honestly, there’s only so much of my portfolio I can share in sixty seconds…

So give me a call at 416 265 4319 so we can explore working together. You can also send me an email to

I look forward to hearing from you.