Another senseful of fiction

Okay, let’s give this the 30th try.

I figure if I’m persistent enough, one day I’ll manage to have a blog the way I did before Microsoft decided to wipe off Live Spaces with little notice.

At least 5 years worth of nonsense were lost that time. Nonsense and ideas expressed in abstract ways. They were my wishes, my whims, my venting. So dissapointed was I with the lack in reliability of online publishing, its temporal and fragile nature, that I decided to limit journaling to a strictly offline, by the bedside type of activity.

Back then my english was less perfect than it is today. My thoughts were free, fragmented and naive. I would pick the scattered pieces of ideas and arranged them into sentences, into lyrics, into flawed poetry and free flowing prose. And then would I put it out there for the world to read, thus consummating my memories.

I called it A Senseful of Fiction because that was all it was, and it was all mine.

Here’s to a new Beginning.